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03.12.2018 New miniature load cell with 5kN nominal force for compression force measurements KM12
21.11.2018 New load cell with integrated electronics KM40e for compression force measurements KM40e
21.11.2018 New s-type force sensor with integrated electronics KD80se for tension and compression force measurements KD80se
20.11.2018 Load cell KM40 with 100N and 200N for compression force measurements KM40
20.11.2018 DAkkS-Calibration of torque up to 600Nm DAkkS Calibration Certificate 600Nm
24.09.2018 2 new adapter to terminal block for GSV-8DS Adapter SubD15HD & SubD44HD
18.09.2018 Update esi-file for EtherCat GSV-8
18.09.2018 Update GSVmulti: Version 1.41: Thermocouples, Bugfixes, ... GSVmult-1-41, changelog_en.txt
03.09.2018 New 3-axis force/torque sensor K3R70
03.08.2018 The biggest 6-Axis sensor: K6D225 K6D225
16.07.2018 ME:: Solutions in overview, english version Solutions
01.07.2018 New product GSV-13q, rectangular design GSV-13q
29.06.2018 Publication in IEN D-A-CH, May 2018,
TIMGlobal Media specialist publisher
6-axis force-moment sensor (DE)
24.06.2018 New product GSV-13i, Ultraminiature measuring amplifier Ø18mm GSV-13i
23.06.2018 K6D::Info; Information about K6D sensors K6D::Info
01.06.2018 New measuring amplifier: GSV-6LTE GSV-6LTE
31.05.2018 New K6D sensor K6D130 1kN/200Nm/MP11 K6D130 1kN/200Nm/MP11
31.05.2018 New K6D sensor K6D110 8kN/500Nm/MP11 K6D110 8kN/500Nm/MP11
31.05.2018 New K6D sensor K6D110 1kN/100Nm K6D110 1kN/100Nm/MP11
31.05.2018 New K6D sensor K6D80 500N/20Nm K6D80 500N/20Nm/MP11
20.04.2018 Publication of the technical article about the 6-axis force / torque sensors with the MP11 miniature connector The smallest plug connector in the world (DE)
31.03.2018 Technology First: measuring amplifiers and filters GSV::Filter
25.02.2018 Windows 10 UWP-App für GSV-6BT: GSV-6BT_TOOL_UWP gsv6bt-tool-uwp
25.02.2018 Documentation for GSV-6BT ba-gsv6bt.pdfba-gsv6bt-datalogger.pdfba-gsv6bt-incrementalencoder.pdfba-gsv6bt-gattservices_en.pdfba-gsv6bt-UWP-App_en.pdf
22.02.2018 New products in shop: GSV-6L needle adapter and GSV-6 blackbox GSV-6L needle adapter
GSV-6 blackbox
11.02.2018 TEDS Fundamentals (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) GSV: TEDS
11.02.2018 Functions of the measuring amplifier GSV: Functions
11.02.2018 Structure of the measuring amplifier GSV: Structure
23.01.2018 Training: strain gauge application Training: strain gauge application
21.01.2018 Electronics::Technolgy First Electronics::Technology First
29.11.2017 Software DAQ2keyboard released for download
15.11.2017 manual ba-k6d_en.pdf with examples for usage of "Matrix Plus" ba-k6d_en.pdf
29.09.2017 World's smallest connector for force / moment sensors in the article by Hüthig publisher
24.09.2017 WiFi Interface for GSV-8 GSV-8 WiFi
03.09.2017 Network Interface for GSV-8 GSV-8 Network
27.8.2017 Accessories for GSV-8DS: TCP/IP interface TCP/IP Interface
20.08.2017 Homepage, about-us, slogan, products, jobs, slider "programming" Technology first
18.08.2017 Download Link für MATLAB example with GSV-8 MATLAB
16.08.2017 Review of technical data strain Sensors DA26, DA40, DA54, DA68, DAdx Strain Sensors
16.07.2017 Instructions "Add Calibration matrix" in GSVmulti for K6D sensors calibration-matrix
04.06.2017 Fotogallery of Measurement Trade Fair in Nuremberg SensorTest2017
31.05.2017 Technical article about our 6-axis force/torque sensors with ultra miniature plug connector MP11
07.05.2017 Application note about JU-52 Dübendorf (Switzerland) stress-analysis-13
25.04.2018 Documentation for GSV-6 / GSV-8 WIndows DLL; Programming Manual; Examples in C++ and Labview;



05.04.2017 Documentation for GSVmulti 1.38 Scaling, Shortcuts, TEDS, Large display, Online-Monitor, Dig-IO-Ports, Filters, Analog outputs, CANbus, Data format, Administration
05.04.2017 New version of the software GSVmulti 1.38 GSVmulti-1-38
31.03.2017 Comparison table for GSV-1A8USB and GSV-8 Comparison-8-channel
19.03.2017 New data acquisition software "DAQ2keyboard" DAQ2keyboard
02.03.2017 new transport box for 3-axis force sensors transport box for K3D-force sensors
17.12.2016 Online tool connection plan connection plan
16.12.2016 videos about GSV-6 Video about GSV-6
13.12.2016 new videos about GSV-8 and GSVmulti Video-GSVmulti
08.12.2016 new version GSV8term setup-GSV8term
04.12.2016 Wiring schemes for straingages Wiring Schemes
27.11.2016 New Version of Software GSVmulti GSVmulti-1-37
14.11.2016 Ultraminiatur Belt sensor, 100N, 7g, for belts up to 20mm width Belt sensor KL20
18.09.2016 English website published
30.08.2016 Product video "commissioning K6D sensors" produkt-videos
18.08.2016 Basics of CAN bus can-bus-grundlagen
17.08.2016 Information about the stiffness matrix ba-k6d.pdf
17.08.2016 Technical data of K6D68 was revised. K6D68
10.08.2016 New sales partner in Turkey Kontakt
09.08.2016 Application report strain gauges Maeslant Wehr
08.08.2016 link to the software created also under products /shop/en/software
08.08.2016 Documentation GSV-6toWAMP for the product GSV-6pi /shop/en/elektronik/gsv-6/gsv-6pi
08.08.2016 Product video "First commissioning for GSVmulti" produkt-videos


Update GSVmulti: Version 1.41: Thermoelemente, Bugfixes, ...

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