The free GSVmulti software is included with amplifiers GSV-2, GSV-3, GSV-4, GSV-6, GSV-8.

The Windows program GSVmulti is suitable for live viewing, recording and viewing / analysis of stored measuring data.
The multiple channels can be recorded over the time axis (y-t diagram) or via an "X-axis" (X-Y diagram).

The software GSVmulti is available for all measuring amplifiers with interface (RS232, Bluetooth, USB, GSV-6CAN).
The measuring data is stored in binary "TDMS" by recording and can be opened, displayed and exported in text or Excel format with the integrated "File Monitor".


  • setting the Measuring frequency,
  • setting the display (unit, scaling factor),
  • calculate the scaling for sensors (force, displacement, torque, active sensors with voltage or current output),
  • Online monitor (graphical live-display),
  • setting the digital filter,
  • simulation of the digital filter (represent frequency response and step response),
  • configuration of analog outputs (GSV-8)
  • configuration of the digital IO ports (GSV-4, GSV-6, GSV-8)
  • configuration of the CAN bus parameters (GSV-6 / GSV-8),
  • loading and saving of the complete settings (Sessions) to file,
  • loading and saving of configurations (Settings) in the amplifier memory,
  • loading and exporting (Excel and CSV) of stored data (File-Monitor),
  • integrating of the calibration matrix for 3- (K3R) and 6-axis sensors (K6D),
  • stress analysis with strain gages rosettes,
  • hardware-triggered data recording via digital input (GSV-4 / GSV-8),
  • software-triggered data recording via threshold value over- or undershoot or timed,
  • call parameters for inclusion in scripts, Batch Files or Windows Task Scheduler,
  • context help,
  • opening multiple graphical life displays
  • setting the axis scaling "autoscale" or fixed,
  • Assigning of the channel-names,
  • Live display of the spectral power density (frequency analysis),
  • Useful keyboard "shortcuts", like F12, Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-A,
  • Reading and writing of TEDS with GSV-8,
  • Large Display of measuring values,
  • Configuration of Dataformat,
  • Administration: Lock (write protection against unauthorized configuration), Operating hours counter, error memory


Version 2.01 from /11/2023
Complete setup:

To install please unpack the archive and run the contained setup.exe. The National Instruments drivers NI-DAQmx 20 will be installed as well as GSVmulti.

If you want to keep an older version of NI-DAQ-mx (for example version 12), then please install a version GSVmulti "without NI-DAQmx":


version history: