The free GSVmulti software is included with amplifiers GSV-2, GSV-3, GSV-4, GSV-6, GSV-8.

The Windows program GSVmulti is suitable for live viewing, recording and viewing / analysis of stored measuring data.
The multiple channels can be recorded over the time axis (y-t diagram) or via an "X-axis" (X-Y diagram).

The software GSVmulti is available for all measuring amplifiers with interface (RS232, Bluetooth, USB, GSV-6CAN).
The measuring data is stored in binary "TDMS" by recording and can be opened, displayed and exported in text or Excel format with the integrated "File Monitor".


  • setting the Measuring frequency,
  • setting the display (unit, scaling factor),
  • calculate the scaling for sensors (force, displacement, torque, active sensors with voltage or current output),
  • Online monitor (graphical live-display),
  • setting the digital filter,
  • simulation of the digital filter (represent frequency response and step response),
  • configuration of analog outputs (GSV-8)
  • configuration of the digital IO ports (GSV-4, GSV-6, GSV-8)
  • configuration of the CAN bus parameters (GSV-6 / GSV-8),
  • loading and saving of the complete settings (Sessions) to file,
  • loading and saving of configurations (Settings) in the amplifier memory,
  • loading and exporting (Excel and CSV) of stored data (File-Monitor),
  • integrating of the calibration matrix for 3- (K3R) and 6-axis sensors (K6D),
  • stress analysis with strain gages rosettes,
  • hardware-triggered data recording via digital input (GSV-4 / GSV-8),
  • software-triggered data recording via threshold value over- or undershoot or timed,
  • call parameters for inclusion in scripts, Batch Files or Windows Task Scheduler,
  • context help,
  • opening multiple graphical life displays
  • setting the axis scaling "autoscale" or fixed,
  • Assigning of the channel-names,
  • Live display of the spectral power density (frequency analysis),
  • Useful keyboard "shortcuts", like F12, Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-A,
  • Reading and writing of TEDS with GSV-8,
  • Large Display of measuring values,
  • Configuration of Dataformat,
  • Administration: Lock (write protection against unauthorized configuration), Operating hours counter, error memory


Version 1.47 from 10/05/2020
Complete setup:

To install please unpack the archive and run the contained setup.exe. The National Instruments drivers NI-DAQmx 18 will be installed as well as GSVmulti.

It is required to uninstall the previous version of GSVmulti AND the associated "National Instruments software" before installing GSVmulti.

If you want to keep an older version of NI-DAQ-mx (for example version 12), then please install a version GSVmulti "without NI-DAQmx":


version history: