Digital I/O Ports


The digital ports of the GSV-8 can be equipped with predefined functions, e.g.

  • The triggering of a single measurement,
  • The triggering of a measurement as long as the port is active,
  • The indication of a threshold value overshoot,
  • and much more.

If two or more GSV-4 or GSV-8 are to be synchronized, this can be achieved by configuring the devices in master / slave mode.

The desired data frequency is set on the device configured as the master.

The devices configured as slaves send measured values ​​at the request of the master.

The (internal) data frequency on the slave must also be set to at least as high as on the master. Otherwise, no measured values ​​are available in the requested frequency. The slave then sends the same measured value several times.

With the GSV-8 only the ports 13 ... 16 can be configured for the master-slave mode.

The article "GSV-8DS Sync-cable" the IO Port 16 is used (PIN13). Reference ground GND is PIN 5.