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Providing calibration services is a core process of the company. This process is regulated by a process description, procedural instructions and numerous work instructions etc. within the framework of ISO9001:2015 and DIN EN17025.

As a manufacturer of electronic measuring devices and sensors, we have the appropriate qualifications and equipment. In addition, by integrating our design and electronics development, we are able to develop and manufacture adapters for carrying out calibrations.

The provision of calibration services is part of our standard service offering. Accreditation is planned.

All points of the standard are regulated in our laboratory guidelines (table of contents).


We qualify the employees of our calibration laboratory through regular training and further education. The total of 9 employees also have special expertise in the areas of measurement amplifiers, force sensors, torque sensors and strain gauges.

Quality management and laboratory management work with external experts for continuous review and improvement, e.g. through audits and training.


Checking the function through to the documentation of “hard” quality features (technical data) and “soft quality features (surface, contamination, wear, crushing, etc.) is an integral part of our calibration service and documentation (calibration certificate with assessment of the condition)

Calibration procedure

We follow standardized calibration procedures, e.g. "DKD-R3-3, calibration of force measuring devices." As developers of sensors, we are able to carry out initial sample test reports and qualifications in coordination with our customers. We are able to make recommendations for new measurement regulations.