Configuration of Display, decimal places

For devices with display, e.g. GSV-2FSD or GSV-2ASD or GSV-2TSD or GSV-2MSD, the number of decimal places displayed can be increased or decreased. This is done with the software GSVmulti, under Device --> Advanced Settings --> Value Mode --> Format Value

There you can set the total number of significant digits (including sign). The default setting is 6 significant digits. This means a resolution of the measuring range in +-99999 digits. Due to the inherent noise of most measuring amplifiers (exception GSV-8), the last digit displayed will not be stable for several seconds.

The number of decimal places is calculated automatically from the set measuring range (set scaling factor) and the number of significant digits: For a measuring range with e.g. 20000 N no decimal places are displayed with the setting 6 significant digits.

  • With a measuring range of e.g. 2 mV/V 4 decimal places are displayed, 
  • with 7 significant digits 5 decimal places, 
  • with 5 significant digits 3 decimal places.

The number of significant digits cannot be set smaller than the number of digits of the measuring range.

The setting of the significant digits can also be made for the interface, provided that the ASCII data format has been selected.