GSV-6BT Data logger

The ultra-miniature data logger GSV-6BT has a Bluetooth interface as well as an SD card slot. 

The GSV-6BT can be used parallel to the measurement data acquisition via Bluetooth -- or autonomously, without Bluetooth connection as a data logger for recording on SD card.

The data is saved as a comma-separated text file. They can be converted to TDMS format and displayed graphically in the GSVmulti software.

Operating modes of the data logger

The following operating modes are possible:

  • permanent recording with the set data frequency, 1Hz...500Hz
  • periodic recording, e.g. 1/minute, 1/hour, 1/day, ...
  • Triggered recording via digital control line (special case)

For fast, permanent recording, the power supply must be configured appropriately.

In the default configuration, the GSV-6BT is turned on when the Bluetooth connection is established, and turned off when the Bluetooth connection is terminated (or lost).

Switching on the data logger

Step one: Activate the data logger for permanent recording;

The configuration of the logger can be found under Device-->Advanced Settings -->Administration

Please note: Only with the yellow button "Store to device"... a configuration is stored in the device.

Configuring the power supply

Step two: Configure the power supply: Please select "Device Remains On for fast, permanent recording

or "Periodical Logger", if the recording is sufficiently slow, e.g. 1/min, and the GSV-6BT should be turned on only briefly for each recording to save power.

The configuration of the power supply can be found under Device --> Advanced Settings --> Interface --> Open Dialogue


Starting the logger

Schritt 3: Mit Start Logging können Sie den Vorgang der Aufzeichnung starten.

If you have selected Periodical Logger, the green and red LEDs of the device should light up periodically at the interval of your logging.

Function control

Step four: When the GSV-6BT is in the "Periodical Logger" operating mode is configured, you must now regularly see the green and the red LED at the set interval.

Read data

With the "Open File" function you get into a "File Explorer for the files on the SD card. You can delete these files, or upload them to your PC via Bluetooth.

Please note that downloading large files via Bluetooth can take a long time. In this case, better read the files directly from the SD card.

Real time clock

You can synchronize the real-time clock of the GSV-6BT with the time of your PC. synchronize.

Please note that the time must be reset after disconnecting the power supply.