Load cell KM

The load cell KM is suitable for measuring the compressive force. To apply force a flat surface acts against the spherical cap of the load cell. Thus, no bending moments are introduced to the load cell.
The measurement of force is carried out with strain gauges, which are applied to the bottom side of the diaphragm with the spherical cap.
The internal volume of the load cell is fully potted with casting resins and sealed with a metal cover.
The design "load cell" is therefore particularly robust and inexpensive.
With the larger models KM40, KM90, KM115 an accuracy class of 0.5% and even up to 0.2% is achieved.


Cylindric load cell, 25 N ... 1 kN, accuracy class 1%;
Ø 9,8mm x 4mm, 3m teflon cable

from EUR 209,00

excl. shipping costs


Cylindric load cell, 100N .. 1 kN, accuracy class 1%;
Ø 25mm x 3mm, 3m cable

from EUR 235,00

excl. shipping costs


Cylindric load cell, 100 N ... 10 kN, accuracy class 1%;
Ø 25.4mm x 11mm, 3m cable

from EUR 215,00

excl. shipping costs


Cylindric load cell, 1 kN ... 20 kN, Accuracy class 1%;
Ø 38mm x 10mm, 3m cable

from EUR 225,00

excl. shipping costs


Cylindric load cell, 500 N ... 50 kN, Accuracy class 0.5%;
Ø 40mm x 25mm, 3m cable

from EUR 219,00

excl. shipping costs


Double membrane load cell, 500 N ... 20 kN, Accuracy class 0,2%;
Ø 40mm x 25mm, 3m cable

from EUR 388,00

excl. shipping costs


Cylindric load cell, 20 kN, 50 kN, Accuracy class 0,5%, Ø 90mm x 48mm, 3m cable

from EUR 340,00

excl. shipping costs


Cylindric load cell, 20 kN, 50kN, Accuracy class 0,5%,

⌀ 90mm x 48mm, integrated Electronic GSV-15L, 0-10V / 4...20mA output signal, 3m cable

from EUR 420,00

excl. shipping costs


Cylindric load cell, 50 kN ... 200 kN, Accuracy class 0,5%;
Ø 115mm x 60mm, 5m cable

from EUR 390,00

excl. shipping costs


Cylindric load cell, 50kN ... 200kN, Accuracy class 0,5%;

Ø115mm x 60mm, integrated Electronic GSV-15L,
0-10V output signal, 5m cable

from EUR 490,00

excl. shipping costs