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product description

  • type: 6-axis force- torque sensor;
  • nominal force: Fx, Fy: 500 N, Fz: 1 kN / 1 kN, Fz: 2,5 kN / Fx, Fy: 2 kN, Fz: 5 kN / Fx, Fy: 5 kN, Fz: 15 kN;
  • nominal torque: Mx, My, Mz: 50 Nm / Mx, My, Mz: 100 Nm / Mx, My, Mz: 250 Nm;
  • accuracy class: 0.2%;
  • dimensions: Ø80 mm x 50 mm;
  • mounting and centering: 6 x female thread M8x1,25; 2 drill hole Ø5 mm E7;
  • connection: integrated round plug connector (MP11);
  • material: aluminum alloy / stainless steel;
  • weight: 450g / 1000 g;

required accessories:

  • calibrationmatrix SL;
  • connection cable with SubD44HD (for GSV-8DS) or M16, 24-pol., Typ 423 (for GSV-8AS)

recommended accessories:

  • amplifier GSV-8DS SubD44HD, GSV-8AS;
  • calibrationmatrix SL/Plus;
Learn more about the 6-axis multi component sensors: K6D::Info

Special variants in a new 6-axis design possible!

According to your wishes, we manufacture the K6D sensors with smaller and larger dimensions.

For more information, look at the PDF file.



Highest calibration accuracy with "Matrix-Plus" from ME!

ME-Systems offers a special "Matrix-Plus" calibration procedure for the force/torque sensors to ensure optimum accuracy even in these application-specific working points.

The tasks of the calibration matrix are

  1. Minimizing the measurement error in the loaded measuring axis and
  2. Minimizing the crosstalk in the remaining (unloaded) 5 axes.

Variants of Force- Torque Sensor K6D80

The multi-axis force / torque sensor K6D80 is available in two different versions:

MP11: with robust connector,
CG: with cable gland and fixed connection cable.
The MP11 variant is particularly recommended when moving the sensor. The connection cable with connector MP11 is drag chain-compatible

In both versions (MP11 and CG) the mating plug for the measuring amplifier must be added. This is, for example, a SubD44HD connector when the force-moment sensor is applied together with the GSV-8DS SubD44 measuring amplifier.

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