Scaling the display

The input mask "User Scaling" is used to configure the display. With this input mask, the display is configured based on the technical data of the sensor from the test log or from the calibration certificate.

The following data is required:

  • Unit
  • Characteristic value
  • Input Range

The input range of the amplifier is known to the configuration software, as it is read out from the EEProm of the measuring amplifier. As a rule, the measuring range of the measuring amplifier is 2 mV/V or 3.5 mV/V.

Calculate calculates the scale factto be programmed.

By ok/Set it is permanently stored in the EEprom of the measuring amplifier.



Input mask for the scaling factor

2-point calibration

The "Calibration" tab starts the procedure of a 2-point calibration.

For this purpose, the zero signal is recorded and the signal at a load, e.B. 10% .... 100% of the measuring range of the sensor can be

Stress analysis with strain gauges

The "Straingage" tab can be used to configure the display for stress analysis with strain gauges.

Here, the unit for the elongation is set to m/m. The scaling factor is calculated from the k-factor, the bridge type (full, quarter, half bridge) and from the cross contraction number, if longitudinal and transverse grids are used.