Online monitor

In the Y-t recorder the measuring values ​​of all channels are displayed graphically. You can use the right mouse button to apply different functions to the graphics window.

You can use the right mouse button to apply various functions to the graphics window, such as Autoscale.

When the Autoscale is switched off, the axis values ​​can simply be overwritten (do not forget to confirm with Enter).

The display can be switched from "actual value display" to e.g. "Maximum value display" (trailing-edge function) or to the display of the noise amplitude.

The peak value of the noise amplitude is reported e.g. by "Max-Min".

An illustrative measure for checking the signal-to-noise ratio is given by the display of "Resol Parts pp" (display steps): in this example, the positive measuring range of "ForceX" is resolved in 10400 display steps.

The reading accuracy (resolution) of the 100N sensor is 100N/10400 = 0.01N.

The last 100 measured values ​​are continuously used to calculate the noise amplitude. From a data frequency of 100Hz, all measured values ​​of the last second are used.

In the case of error-free cabling with regard to shielding, grounding and using a qualitatively perfect power supply, approximately 10000 display steps are resolved at a data frequency (bandwidth) of 10 Hz. By increasing the bandwidth by a factor of 10, the noise amplitude increases by a factor of about 3 (root (10)).