1. Uninstall

Please uninstall GSVmultichannel and all National Instaruments Software components first:

Please notice:

If you uninstall components by National Instruments, other programs which require these componets, may also get uninstalled or aren't executable anymore. But you will see a warning message before, like:



2. Installation

Unzip the downloaded zip-file to any directory. Then, execute the setup by double-clicking setup.exe in that directory.


System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2003 and following
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 10

Hardware Requirements

Processor with SSE2 extension (all computers not older than 5 years with one of the Windows operation systems mentioned, also Netbooks, Notebooks, Tablet-PCs, ... )

There's another setup without the NI-DAQmx driver deployed, that supports older computers (e.g. without SSE2 extension) as well and may also be installed under Windows XP:


Minimum resolution: 800 x 600


For using the devices GSV-2TSD-DI, GSV-3USB, GSV-4USB a "FTDI VCP" driver is required. With Windows 7 and above, normally that one is part of the known standard drivers.

The devices GSV-2MSD-DI and GSV-8 need the same driver:

Install that setup first, with the device not connected yet. Then, connect the device and wait, until all drivers are properly installed and a message appears saying that the device is ready for using (Windows 7) or a driver setup progress bar disappears (Windows 10).

That message may inform you about the COM-port number assigned (Windows 7). Otherwise, you can find it out by clicking Settings -> Devices -> Connected devices (Windows 10).