GSVmulti call parameters

The software GSVmulti can also be started from command line or from Windows scheduler with additional call parameters.

The measuring tasks can be automated, for example, starting a measurement with recording the measured results daily at 09:00 a.m.

Example: GSVmulti.exe -l -rYt -3600

The first parameter "-l" (small L) ensures, that the most recently used "session" is used at the start. The "Session" contains all requiered information for the start, such as e.g. "device type", "interface", "number of channels". The session must have been therefore previously defined, stored and also charged in the user interface.

So far, no session name may be selected in the command line. With the parameter "-l" the data of the latest session is processed in the command line.

The second parameter "-rYt" ensures, that the recording is started with the Yt recorder of GSVmulti. While recording the settings are used as configured in the "Configure Recording" window.

The first two parameters are required.

The third parameter can be enforced if necessary to close the program (and thus the closing of all device connections).

The third parameter can be enforced to close the program if required (and also to close all device connections).

This is useful in case when, for example, the recording and the connection to a measuring amplifier GSV 3BT or GSV 4BT must be closed in order to save energy.

Stopping the recording itself is also possible without call parameters through the configuration under "Configure Recording".