Foils and Tapes

Kapton Tape

for fixation the strain gauges for bonding, 12,7mm x 16m;
Application temperature to 260°C;

EUR 52,80

excl. shipping costs

Silicon Rubber

Silicone rubber is used for pressing of DMS with hot hardening adhesives;
5 sheets 152 x 101 x 1,6 mm;

EUR 44,55

excl. shipping costs

Silicon Sponge

The silicone-foam is used for pressing of DMS with cold- and hot-hardening adhesives;
5 sheets 152mm x 101mm x 3.2 mm;

EUR 45,00

excl. shipping costs

Teflon Foil

Teflon Foil between DMS and pressure pads;
The packing contains of 12 sheets of 152mm x 101mm x 0,076 mm;

EUR 18,00

excl. shipping costs

Fluoropolymer release film

The Teflon Foil is suitable for cold curing and hot curing strain gage bonding. The foil prevents other material except the strain gage from bonding to the component, 100 mm x 60 mm x 0,05 mm,
the package contains 10 sheets;

EUR 9,90

excl. shipping costs