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product description

  • Strain gauge-set incl. suitcase and accessories: 1x M-Bond 200 Kit;
  • 1 Pack Teflon Foil, Art-No. 8171;
  • M-Coat-D, 30 ml;
  • Eraser Pencil;
  • Rosin Solvent 100 ml, Aceton 100 ml;
  • 4x25 Pack Cotton bud;
  • Soldering Tab 1 Pack CEG 50C;
  • 1 Pack CEG 50D;
  • 10m cable STC 31V;
  • 4x spools of CU laquered wire;
  • Tweezer AA, 3x Needle;
  • 10x Wood Sticks;
  • 2m Emery cloth strip 320;
  • Plastic suitcase, blue, with foam insert, document bag and small parts magazine;
  • dimensions: 410x272x113mm;

Starter-kit-basic Set include all materials necessary to immediately start making strain gage installations for routtine applications.
Kit supplies and materials are provided in suitcase for convenience and portability.