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product description

  • type: bolt force sensor;
  • nominal force: 10kN, 20kN, 30kN, 40kN, 50kN, 60kN, 100kN, 200kN;
  • accuracy class: 1 %;
  • dimensions: Ø16 mm x 7 mm...Ø 40 mm x 12 mm;
  • inner diameter:  6 mm...16 mm;
  • connection: 3m STC-32T-4;
  • weight: 80,6 g;
  • calibration sheet 5 measurement points; 3 test series with 3 mounting positions;
  • accessories incl.: 2x washers for load distribution, diameter 12 mm x 3 mm;
  • recommended accessories: adapter cable sub-D15/f;

This force sensor is designed for fastener testing and for the measurement of preload force.
Calibration resistors are inside the connector of the KR20. The connector may not be removed.
Adapter cable Sub-D15/f is not required for the following amplifier: GSV-1A8 SubD15, GSV-2MSD-DI, GSV-2TSD-DI and GSV-3USB.

  • Datasheet

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