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product description

  • type: tensile and compressive force sensor;
  • nomianl force: 1kN, 2kN, 10kN, 20kN, 50kN;
  • accuracy class: 0,5%;
  • dimensions: Ø30 mm x 90 mm;
  • force transmission: 2 x 25 mm male thread Mx;
  • connection: 3 m ME-SYSTEME.DE / 24-4 PUR;
  • material: aluminium alloy / stainless steel;

Option HA (High Accuracy)

HA - advantages:

  • high precision, the accuracy class is increased up to approximately 0.1%;
  • selection of the sensors;
  • use of special calibration accessories;
  • repeated calibration tests;
  • careful configuration and calibration process;
  • better adjustment inside the sensor and on the testing machine