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product description

  • type: tension load cell with spherical bearing;
  • nominal force: ±100kN, ±200kN, ±500kN, ±1MN;
  • accuracy class: 0,5%;
  • dimensions: 225mm x 85mm x 28mm ... 650 mm x 240 mm x 100 mm;
  • spherical bearing: Ø 25...Ø 100;
  • connection: integrated round plug connector M8 / M12, 4-pole, male;
  • incl. 10m cable with round plug connector M8 / M12, 4-pole, female;
  • material: galvanized steel, zinc plated;
  • nominal output at FS: 1mV/V;
  • weight: g;

Tension load cell for the measurement of tension forces, e.g. in crane scales, for the measurement of rope tension.The load cell KL500 is equipped with a maintenance-free spherical plain bearings.

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