Tension load cell KL

KL-Tension load cell with spherical plain bearings are suitable for the measurement of large tensile forces for crane scales or to measure the cable force.

The belt sensor KL20 is suitable for measuring the forces in belts of bags, backpacks, sports equipment, but with elastic belts  also for measuring the strain on the chest, for measuring the angle of joints, etc.


Ultraminiature belt sensor, 100 N, accuracy class 1%; 31mm x 24mm x 4mm;
1m connection cable

EUR 178,00

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Tension load cell with spherical bearing;
225mm x 85mm x 28mm ... 650mm x 240mm x 100mm;
Nominal force (FS): 100kN ... 1MN;
accuracy claas 0,5%;

from EUR 790,00

excl. shipping costs