Product.Nr.: 8060

Delivery time: 3 weeks

Variant: 2kN/100Nm/CG

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product description

  • type: 6-axis force- torque sensor;
  • nominal force: Fx: 2 kN, Fy: 2 kN, Fz: 5 kN;
  • nominal torque: Mx: 100 Nm, My: 100 Nm, Mz: 100 Nm;
  • dimensions: Ø80 mm x 50 mm;
  • force transmission: 6 x female thread M8x1,25; 2 drill hole Ø5 mm E7;
  • connection: cable gland (CG) with 5m 30-24 PUR/24x0,06 mm2;
  • recommended configiration with round plug M16, 24-pole or SubD44HD;
  • material: aluminum alloy;
  • weight: 800 g;

required accessories:

  • calibrationmatrix SL;

recommended accessories:

  • amplifier GSV-8DS SubD44HD, GSV-8AS;
  • cable configuration with SubD44HD (for GSV-8DS) or M16, 24-pol., Typ 423 (for GSV-8AS)