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The measuring amplifier GSV-8DS is available in three variants:

  1. The basic version GSV-8DS with USB port, analog outputs and UART interface
  2. The version GSV-8DS CAN with USB port, analog outputs, CANbus with CANopen protocol and UART interface
  3. The version GSV-8DS EC with USB port, analog outputs and EtherCAT fieldbus

Further possibilities:

  • GSV-8DS with the accessory TCP-IP interface for the network interface
  • GSV-8DS with the accessory WLAN interface for the network and WLAN interface.



8-channel amplifier with USB port, analog output, UART interface. Other versions GSV-8AS CAN with Canbus and GSV-8AS EC with EtherCAT fieldbus.

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Set 2x GSV-8DS

Set of 2x GSV-8DS, for connecting to two 6-axis force/torque sensors or a 6-axis force/torque sensor such as K6D225 or K6D300

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