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Analog and digital-measuring amplifier GSV-8

8-channel measuring amplifier for sensors with strain gages with USB port and analogue output.
Optional with EtherCAT or Ethernet (GSV-8DS + TCP-IP-Interface) or CANbus or  WLAN (GSV-8DS + WLAN-Interface).
The device has 8 configurable analog outputs (± 10V et al and 4 ... 20mA).
A UART interface is used to control the measuring amplifier via a Raspberry PI.

The inputs can be configured for strain gauges quarter / half / full bridge, force / torque / acceleration sensors, voltage + -10V, PT1000, thermocouple type K. Accessories for connection of acceleration sensors according to IEPE (ICP®) standard are available as an option.

  • 8-channel amplifier
  • 8x input configurable
  • Full, half, quarter bridge, 120- 350- 1000 ohm, PT1000, ± 10V
  • Outputs 1x USB port, 8x analog output ± 10V, 4 ... 20mA configurable, 1x UART
  • optional EtherCat, CANbus / CANopen
  • 16x Digital Input / Output
  • 5x galvanic isolation: analog input, analog output, digital IO, UART, USB
  • 8x 48kS / s simultaneous sampling
  • 6-wire technology, bridge supply 2.5V, 5.0V, 8.75V configurable
  • Digital filters IIR and FIR configurable
  • Resolution < 20 nV / V