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product description

  •  6-channel measurement amplifier, with Raspberry PI;
  • 1x Raspberry PI B3;
  • 1x GSV-6 Shield with straingage inputs and voltage inputs;
  • 1x S-USV Shield for Uninterruptible power supply;
  • delivery without operating system and without application software;
  • Suitable for the development of data loggers;
  • incl. PCB with 2xSubD44HD / f with different connector assignments
  • 1x input for strain gauge full bridge, half bridge or quarter-bridge;
  • 5x input configurable for straingage or voltage + -10V;
  • 6x half bridges completition, 6x quarter bridges completition 120 ohms, 350 ohms, 1 kOhms;
  • Power supply 5V or 7 ... 24V;
  • Integrated Charging;
  • Real time clock for time-controlled switching on and off;
  • Dimensions 90mm x 60mm x 35mm;
  • Weight 100 g;