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product description

  • 8 - channel straingauge amplifier;
  • connection: plug connector Sub-D15 / round plug connector M12 / plug connector M16 / for K6D / for K3D;
  • dimensions: 220mm x 180mm x 75mm;
  • limit frequency: 2,5kHz;
  • input sensitivity: 2 / 3,5 mV/V;
  • supply voltage: 11V..28V DC;
  • interface: USB;
  • weight: 1550 g;
  • environmental protection: IP40;

The straingage amplifier GSV-1A8 is a straingage amplifier with 8 independent channels for sensors with straingages, for example force sensors, torque sensors, accelerometers or strain sensors.
8 additional analogue input channels are available and 4 digital inputs and 3 digital outputs.
The straingage signals are additionally available at the Sub-D37 as analogue output signal with fixed scaling of: +-2mV/V <=> +-5V
Via USB Port up to 10000 values can be transmitted (of all 16 channels simultaneously)
The straingage inputs are equipped with a low pass filter 2.5kHz in the standard configuration.
The dvice is configurable via soldering bridges for the measurements with straingage quarterbridges 350 Ohm and halfbridges (70...50000 Ohm).

Variants with 250Hz or 10kHz on demand

More information about ME-measuring amplifier
(structure, functions and GSV-comparison)
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Here are the differences between GSV-1A8USB and GSV-8 summarized.

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