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Analog measuring amplifier GSV-1A8USB

The measuring amplifier GSV-1A8USB is a measuring amplifier with 8 independent channels for sensors with strain gauges, such as force sensors, torque sensors, acceleration sensors or extensometer.
There are another 8 input channels for analog signals + 10V available, as well as 4 digital inputs and 3 digital outputs.
The signals of the eight strain gauge inputs are also available as analog output signals with fixed scaling + -2 mV / V <=> + 5V on the rear sub-D 37 connector.
Via the USB interface, up to 10,000 readings per second (of all 16 channels ) capture. The inputs for sensors with strain gauges have the standard version of a low-pass filter with cutoff frequency of 2.5 kHz.
The amplifier is configured via solder bridges for quarter-bridge and half-bridge 350 Ohm 50 Ohm ... 50000.

We also offer you calibration of measuring electronics and a system calibration in connection with a sensor.


8-channel DMS straingage amplifier for one or two K3D. Output 8x ±5V via 37 pol. Sub-D (female);

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