Which load cell is more accurate?

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Which load cell is more accurate?

Beitragvon andmat1144 » Di 8. Nov 2016, 12:32

Which load cell is more accurate and fast Digital load cell or strain guage load cell?

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Re: Which load cell is more accurate?

Beitragvon Kabelitz » Mi 9. Nov 2016, 08:29

in general, the digital load cell is made with straingages, and an amplifier is integrated in the load cell.
It depends of quality of integrated amplifier. Due to miniaturisation, external amplifiers have lower noise and more features, sometimes more resolution.

But small signal of un-amplified load cell output may cause problems due to electrical interference.
Interferences can be avoided with this high quality amplifier:
https://www.me-systeme.de/shop/en/elect ... -6/gsv-6k1

Often load cells are used in parallel (4 load cells or 3 load cells. This is easier without integrated amplifier.
https://www.me-systeme.de/shop/en/elect ... gsv-15kl41

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