Motion Detection

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Motion Detection

Beitragvon Kabelitz » So 16. Sep 2012, 20:41

Motion Detection in mobilewebcam app
if motion is detected , camera takes 3 pictures; intervall is "refresh time";
motion detection is active again, when 3 pictures are made (after 3x refresh intervall);

set OP Mode: normal;
is working in OP Mode semi background as well, but takes every 2...3 minutes a picture, when screen lock is activated/deactivated;

is not working in background mode;
power consumption is very high compared with background mode;

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Re: Motion Detection with PIR Sensor

Beitragvon Kabelitz » So 7. Okt 2012, 18:03

Panasonic PaPIRS Motion Sensors are ideal for motion triggering;
Type EKMC needs power supply between 3V and 6V, current consumption is 170µA; price about 15€
Type EKMB needs power supply between 2,3V and. 4.0V, current consumption is 6µA; price about 30€

i selected EKMC, because some smartphones need equal or more than 4.0V to detect a external power supply. EKMC may be supplied with 5V.
schedule of Prototype:

Samsung GT-S5830: needs 4.0 Volt trigger voltage
Samsung GT-S5360: needs 3.5 Volt trigger voltage
Google Nexus S: needs 3.5 Volt trigger voltage
Sony Xperia Ray: needs 3.9 Volt trigger voltage
LG Optimus L3: needs 3.9 Volt trigger voltage

ST2: Cut an old USB cable, and connect USB Cable at ST2;
ST3: Connect either 5V (best choice) or Li-Ion Battery;
ST1: connect a LED at ST1 if you want to control the function of the motion sensor;
ST4: Test pin; connect LED flash light for example...




Re: Motion Detection

Beitragvon janisalnis » So 14. Okt 2012, 23:25

On Ebay can order PIR modules cheaply.
Some modules need 5V but have long range like 5 m...10m.
Other modules run from 4 V (LiPo cell) but have ca 2 m range.
So a compromise should be met

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Re: Motion Detection

Beitragvon Kabelitz » Mo 15. Okt 2012, 14:38

i know, the Panasonic PIR Sensors are not the cheapest.
I tried out Sensors from Hygrosens. But they are not as fail-safe as Panasonic. And they need 6mA and more...
Panasonic even offers with 6µA current consumtion.
Best regards

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Re: Motion Detection

Beitragvon js1234 » Do 26. Dez 2013, 20:12


This "PIR triger" work as "charger connected to USB" .... or...?


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Re: Motion Detection

Beitragvon Kabelitz » Fr 27. Dez 2013, 07:11

Hello Joze

this device is a "USB cable" and is permanently charging your telefone and works as motion detector: ... p-851.html

More informations here: hardware-f17/usb-pir-cable-motion-sensor-t176.html#p455

with this device you need to modify your phone: remove the battery and connect the device and a battery with high capacity:

More informations here: hardware-f17/osc-printed-circuit-t148.html

Complete cameras with housing, device tc-v1.0, battery, PIR sensor and smartphone:

Best regards

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