Messverstärker mit Analogausgang. Serie GSV-1, GSV-11, GSV-15


Beitragvon Patrick » Do 13. Sep 2012, 10:25

I have some questions about setting up the GSV-1H 4-20/250/2. The stain gauge we are using is a DA40.
how do I set up the output (0 to full scale),
The amplification stages (we have set position 4 = 10 times) but the technical data also says 0.2, what does this mean?
what happens if the strain gauge goes negative?

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Re: GSV-1H

Beitragvon Kabelitz » Do 13. Sep 2012, 10:31

Hello Patrick,

i do not recommend to use an individual amplification.

I always recommend, to use one of the calibrated amplification stages:
2 mV/V input range ("== amplfification 1") (Jumper-Position 1)
1 mV/V input range ("== amplification 2") (Jumper-Position 2
0.5 mV/V input range ("==amplification 4") (Jumper-Position 3)
0.2 mV/V input range ("= amplification 10") Jumper-Position 4)

Jumper Position 5 is "vernier-Trimmer and can be adjusted from 0.2mV/V
up to 2 mV/V)

If the strain gage goes negative, the output goes negative also.
But 4..20mA goes down to 0mA.

If you want to change the direction of the output, change wires in +Ud
and -Ud.

Best regards

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