USB-PIR-Cable motion sensor

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USB-PIR-Cable motion sensor

Beitragvon Kabelitz » Sa 15. Jun 2013, 10:16

The new motion sensor is integrated in an USB cable.
This "inline" Version of motion sensor uses the "OSC Printed Circuit" of our waterproof outdoor IP camera.
Now you can add a PIR motion sensor to your smartphone by replacing your USB Power supply cable with this USB-Cable with PIR motion sensor.
Advantage: no modification on your smartphones are necessary.

This USB-PIR-Cable is ideally suited for indoor usage of your smartphone as surveillance camera or monitoring camera.
You need only a Smartphone with mobilewebcam app, and an USB-PIR-Cable and an USB Power supply!

If motion is detected, the power supply is interrupted by the OSC Printed Circuit.
This change in power supply is detected by the mobilewebcam app, and a foto is taken,
or other actions are triggered, like sending an email or taking a series of 5 fotos.

In the waterproof outdoor OSC camera, which is working with lead batteries or LiPo cells or solar power, the function is different:
If motion is detected, it supplies the smartphone with 5V power via USB port.

The USB-PIR-Cable is based on the "OSC Printed Circuit"
Some modifications were done with "flying wires".
More information about the outdoor version:

Google+ Site of

Beiträge: 431
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Re: USB-PIR-Cable motion sensor

Beitragvon Kabelitz » Mi 31. Jul 2013, 16:43

We designed a PCB of "Inline PIR" Sensor.


Eagle Files


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