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Here you will find an overview of the applicable standards used in metrology.

DIN 1319-1:1995-01

In this standard, basic terms of metrology are defined, such as Calibration, Adjustment, Hysteresis, Sensitivity, Resolution, Measured Value, Measurement Result, Measurement Deviation, Uncertainty, Relative Uncertainty, Repeat Standard, Standard Deviation, Full Measurement Result, Repeatability Conditions, and Reproducibility Conditions.

DIN 1319-3: 1996-05

Evaluation of measurements of a single measured variable, calculation of the measurement uncertainty for the case where the measured variable is measured directly or is calculated from other quantities by means of a given function.

Terms measured variable, input quantity, result size, model



DIN 1319-4: 1999-02

Evaluation of measurements of several jointly measured quantities. Consideration of assumptions and information of other kind than statistical information.

International Dictionary of Metrology

  • de: "Internationales Wörterbuch der Metrologie"
  • fr: Vocabulaire international de métrologie (VIM)
  • en: International vocabulary of metrology

This technical dictionary contains the important terms and definitions of metrology in German and English. Publisher: DIN, author Burkhart Brinkmann, 4th edition, issue 2012-08, Beuth Verlag;

DIN 17025:2005

General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025:2005;
German and English version EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005

This standard defines requirements for the calibration laboratory, e.g. technical requirements, requirements for personnel and management, requirements for booms and environmental conditions, requirements for procedures and traceability of measurement results, reference standards and the handling of reference standards, results reports and calibration certificates, etc. The standard refers also on the quality management standard DIN EN 9001.

VDI/VDE 2638

This guideline defines parameters for force transducers in German and English.

VDI/VDE 2639

This guideline defines parameters for torque transducers in German and English.