NPort W2150A WIFI

The NPort W2150A is configured via LAN.

The following steps are required for configuration:

Locate the device in the LAN using the software DSU.

  • Assign the desired LAN address using the DSU software
  • Install a virtual COM port using the Nport / Oncell Driver Manager
  • Configuration of serial interface and WLAN characteristics via Webbrowser
  • Restart the device


The "DSU" can be found at:

Install and start this utility.

Click the "Search" button to find the NPort W2150A. After this has been found and added to the list, select the entry NPort W2150A and press "Assign IP". Now change the IP address and gateway. Then click "Assign IP Sequentially" and confirm with "OK" twice. The NPort W2150A now restarts and automatically searches for the device.

Under this IP, the device server can now be reached with a web browser for further configurations.

NPort/OnCell Windows Driver Manager

The "NPort / OnCell Windows Driver Manager" can be found at:

Install and start this utility.

First, the COM port for the NPort W2150A is created with the NPort Windows Driver Manager. To do this, press the "Add" button and then the "Search" button.

IIn the next step, select the NPort W2150A and confirm with "OK". Then, press the "Yes" button to enable the COM port. Now the program can be terminated.


Ethernet/Bridge Settings

Click on "login".

First go to "Ethernet Settings / Bridge Settings" under "Network Settings". Select here for the IP configuration. the DHCP entry, or select a fixed IP with associated network mask and gateway. Then confirm with "Submit". The NPort W2150A now restarts. After the beep in the DSU, click "Search" and double-click the list entry.

WLAN Settings - WLAN

Now enter the IP and corresponding gateway for the wlan of the NPort W2150A under "Network Settings - WLAN Settings - WLAN". Then confirm with a click on "Submit".

WLAN Settings - Profile

Now go to the menu point "WLAN Settings - Profile". Change the "Network type" entry to "Ad-hoc-Mode". Then confirm with a click on "Submit".

WLAN Settings - Profile - General

Click on "General" in the "WLAN Settings - Profile" menu item. Assign a name for the WLan network under SSID. Then confirm with a click on "Submit".

Communication Parameters

Now go to "Communication Parameters" in the menu group "Serial Port Settings - Profile". Set the corresponding parameters here. Then confirm with a click on "Submit".

Go to the "Restart - Restart System" menu item and confirm with "Submit". The device is now restarted. The configuration is now complete. Disconnect the NPort W2150A from the power supply, disconnect the LAN cable, and reconnect the NPort W2150A.


You can now connect to the NPort W2150A's WLan on your target device. Now install the "NPort / OnCell Windows Driver Manager" here, and follow the steps described above to create a COM port.

Now start GSVmulti and select the correct interface (the assigned COM port) and the corresponding baud rate.