Comparison GSV-8 with GSV-1A8USB


The two 8-channel measuring systems differ in the following points:

Housing: GSV-8 is optionally available in the IP67 housing with screw terminals, or in the aluminum profile housing with plug connectors;

Flexibility: The inputs of the GSV-8 are configurable for strain gauges, voltage, temperature; The inputs of the GSV-1A8USB are only for strain gauges.

Interfaces: In addition to the USB interface, optional fieldbuses CANbus or EtherCat are also available for the GSV-8.

Analog output: The analog outputs of the GSV-8 are configurable with regard to type 4 ... 20mA or + -10V. The offset of the analog outputs, the filter frequencies and the gain factors can be individually configured. The GSV-1A8USB always has a fixed assignment between input sensitivity (± 2mV / V) and analog output (± 5V).

Configuration: The configuration for the individual channels is stored in the GSV-8 in the device itself. On the GSV-1A8USB the configuration is stored on the hard disk of the connected PC.

Data acquisition: The GSV-8 uses state-of-the-art A / D conversion of analog devices. The 8 channels are recorded simultaneously with 8x48kS / s. The GSV-1A8USB uses an analogue measuring card with 250kS / s from National Instruments (USB6210).





robust USB interface, galvanic isolation, for maximum robustness against interference

USB 2.0, "Full Speed"


The voltage supply of the data acquisition is via USB port; The influence of the PC power supply on the quality of the signal / noise ratio is possible.

USB 2.0, "High Speed"

Digital I / O: configurable with various functions, e.g. Triggering, zeroing, synchronization

Digital I / O is included in the USB6210 card and is available on D-SUB37. Support only by customer-side Labview programs. No hardware synchronization between multiple devices;

Analog outputs scalable with respect to gain, filter frequency and output signal 4 ... 20mA or + -10V, offset individually adjustable;

Analog outputs fixed in gain and frequency;

Data throughput 8x48kS / s, simultaneous sampling

Sums sampling rate 250kHz, multiplexing

Configurable filters IIR 4th order and FIR 19th order

fixed analog filter 2.5kHz

integrated error compensation with calibration matrix for K6D and K3R sensors

Error compensation only possible in conjunction with software

Self-acting operation without PC is possible; Simple control functions are supported by "smart IO functions" and optionally integrated Raspberry PI computers. Data logger function is possible.

no autonomous operation without PC possible.

UART Port zum Connection of Raspberry PI computer available

no further interfaces exist

Reading and writing TEDS

no processing of TEDS

The resolution of the measuring amplifier GSV-8 is higher than the resolution of the GSV-1A8USB: