Measurement Amplifiers basics

for sensors with strain gauges

Structure of the measuring amplifier

Basic structure of the measuring amplifier with analog and digital signal processing

Functions of the measuring amplifier

The sense amplifier provides the bridge gating voltage to the Wheatstone bridge and amplifies the bridge output signal to a level of e.g. ± 10V or 20mA ...

In addition, however, he has other functions, such as. Zeroing function, ...

TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)

Plug und Play: Durch ein EEPROM im Steckverbinder enthält übermittelt dieser alle erforderlichen technischen Daten an den Messverstärker.


Explanation of the terms "cutoff frequency, sampling frequency, data frequency". Technical notes on the individual measuring amplifier series GSV-1, GSV-2, .... GSV-8.

Amplifier Comparison

Each series of measuring amplifiers from GSV-1 to GSV-15 is described with a maximum of 4 sentences.