Connection diagram sensor - measuring amplifier

Connecting the sensor to the measuring amplifier. Terminals for operating voltage and output signal. Control input for the automatic zero adjustment.


Installation of "GSVmulti"

Installation instructions are in this guide



More notes and video tutorials on the website gsvmulti.

Online tool connection plan

A form allows the selection of measuring amplifier and sensor and shows immediately the corresponding connection assignment.

Commissioning of sensors

This document provides important information for commissioning a force sensor. Possible influences on accuracy are listed.


Basics of the measuring chain

Explanation of the terms "characteristic value", "input sensitivity", "scaling factor". Setting the display, calculation of the relationship between the measured variable and the electrical output signal.


Scaling of the output signal

Conversion of the output signal at the measuring amplifiers GSV-3 and GSV-4 from the binary format into the decimal format.


Shielding of strain gauge sensors

Notes for shielding and the proper wiring between the sensor, measuring amplifier and data acquisition are given in this article. It is necessary to pay attention to the correct power supply wiring at sensor-actuator systems.

Troubleshooting strain gauge sensors

Here is shown how to find the error in the system of the sensor and measuring amplifier.