Online calculator for the conversion of the bridge output into strain.

Input: displayed bridge unbalance on the measuring amplifier in mV/V

Output: strain in µm/m

Parameter: k-factor, Poisson's number, bridge type

There is another connection between the "bridge unbalance" Ud/us and the strain ε depending on the type of the bridge.

The number of active strain gages and arrangement of the grid (longitudinal or transverse strain with the Poisson's number ν) can be summarized in the bridge factor "B":

Bridge type Bridge factor"B" Number active strain gauges
full bridge 4 4
half bridge 2 2
quarter bridge 1 1
full bridge with 2 longitudinal and 2 transverse grids 2 + 2v 4
half bridge with 1 longitudinal and 1 transverse grid 1 + v 2