3-axis, 6-component: enabling simultaneous force and torque measurement

ME sensors of the K6D series                   
with highly flexible capable cable


24-bit high-resolution measuring electronics 
for the simultaneous measurement of the 6-sensor channels


Force and torque transducers fulfill the important metrological tasks in production and quality assurance in automotive engineering.

  • Force measurements during the test drives;
  • acceleration
  • Three-point bending tests, peripheral shear tests or penetration tests and pull-out tests

Precise and high-resolution measuring systems ensure good driving dynamics of the vehicle.


  • Remote analysis of the measurement objects with the latest wireless measurement devices;
  • Measurement data transmission via Bluetooth, LTE / GPRS and WLAN;
  • Dataloggers for storage and storage of measurement data


  • Metrological solutions for process monitoring and control;
  • Overload detection and control of agricultural processes.


Especially aviation and space research requires precise force, acceleration and torque measurement.

ME force measurement technologies support numerous R&D projects in this sector.

  • various measurements in the rocket test rig such. B.
  • Shear measurement of the rocket engine;



  • Measuring platform for force measurement;
  • tension and / or compression measurement;
  • determination of the torque;
  • performance measurement;
  • acceleration;
  • measurement of friction forces


  • Force and strain measurement in the production and quality assurance of textile machinery;
  • Material test: determination of the thread tension;
  • Tensile tests on yarns and threads.


When testing and operating devices in medical technology, multidimensional and multicomponent sensors are indispensable. Three- and six-axis force and torque transducers allow the positioning and alignment of the devices, such as e. g. X-ray devices. These intelligent "sensors" detect the forces and torques in three directions X, Y and Z and serve collision protection.


Aerodynamic tests in wind tunnels require a particularly high level of measuring accuracy.

Multi-component sensors in conjunction with the real-time measuring devices allow the force and torque effects on the measurement objects in a flow field to be examined precisely and in a time-synchronized manner.




  • Stress analysis of structures by means of strain gauges installation.
  • Possibility for remote monitoring and fast data transfer via GPRS, Bluetooth ..
  • Measurement data storage in cloud

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