For the strain measurement and for stress analysis strain sensors from ME are used. These can either be screwed onto the test object or glued directly.

By gluing a very high resolution of the measurement is achieved. Even the smallest deformations can be measured precisely. The robust anodized aluminum or stainless steel housing with integrated seal provides protection against dust and moisture (IP65).

It is also possible to perform a direct strain gauge application on site. Mostly this is used to analyze deformations on numerous structures such as bridges, buildings, monuments, offshore wind turbines, railway tracks, and so on. The data transfer can also be done via LTE / GPRS or Bluetooth. With these interfaces, the measurement data can be collected at a great distance and stored online (cloud) and evaluated.

High-resolution strain sensors

  • Assembly: gluing;
  • Application on flat and cylindrical surface;
  • Option: integrated electronics;
  • for static and dynamic applications

Screw-on strain sensors

  • Assembly: Screw on;
  • Option: integrated electronics;
  • Strain and force measurement in harsh industrial environments;
  • Force monitoring, level measurement, strain detection on components

Stress analysis

Please contact us if you require a DMS installation and the measurement data acquisition.

Here are examples of the application of strain gauges.