Here is an overview of our strain gauge sensors for measuring the pressure force.

Due to the geometry, the sensors shown below are only suitable for force measurement in the compression direction.

Membrane load cell

  • Measuring range: 25N ... 200kN;
  • also with integrated electronics;
  • Accuracy: 0.2% ... 1%;
  • From miniature with diameter Ø 9,8mm to Ø 115mm

Column force sensor and load cell

  • Measuring range: 60kN ... 1MN;
  • Force introduction via load button;
  • IP67 for industrial applications

Load cell

  • Double bending beams and shearbar load cells;
  • Measuring range: 300g ... 2t;
  • Accuracy: 0.04% ... 0.1%;
  • Weighing technology, installation in the platform scales