For the synchronization of the measured data from different measuring systems there are suitable field buses like EtherCat or CANbus. In these cases synchronization takes place via the EtherCat master or e.g. by special commands such as "CAN-Sync".

For the synchronization of measuring amplifiers with USB interface or Bluetrooth interface, the modes "Master" and "Slave" are available for some measuring amplifiers.

Synchronization between two or more devices is done in this case via digital inputs and outputs: The measuring amplifier, which is configured as a "master", accompanies each measured value with a flank at the digital output.

One or more measuring amplifiers configured as slaves send a reading with each signal edge at the digital input.

The measuring amplifiers GSV-4 and GSV-8 have this function.

GSV-8 Master

Configuration of the GSV-8 as master. The setting is only possible on the digital inputs/outputs 13 to 16.

GSV-8 Slave

Configuration of the GSV-8 as slave. The setting is only possible on the digital inputs/outputs 13 to 16.

Trigger Send Value

In this configuration, the GSV-8 will send readings at the set data rate as long as a high level is present at digital input 1.

Control the recording

The GSVmulti software starts recording in this configuration when a falling edge is registered at digital output 2.

8-channel industrial measuring amplifier GSV-8

  • large functionality:
  • USB, EtherNet / LAN, EtherCAT, WLAN, CANbus / CANopen;
  • High-speed data acquisition;
  • Measuring frequency: 48kS / s simultaneously on 8 channels;
  • in 24-bit resolution;
  • Filter configuration with GSVMulti;
  • Multi-component measurement with 6-axis force-moment sensors;
  • best choice for robotics applications;

GSV-2, GSV-3, GSV-4, GSV-6, GSV-8 ME amplifiers are fully configurable in the free GSVmulti software.

Video tutorials on GSVmulti

GSVmulti: Configure & Measure

Easy done:

  • First configuration of the GSV in the GSVmulti software;
  • Storage of calibration factors and any settings from GSVmulti in the measuring amplifier;
  • Online and offline measurements;
  • Synchronized multichannel measurements;
  • PC no longer necessary because the data is already stored in the GSV;
  • Measurements in the test bench: standalone.