Data acquisition

ME develops and manufactures measuring electronics for the detection of sensor signals. The basis for the production of all sensors and measuring instruments is the strain gage technology. The focus is on DC bridge amplifiers for sensors with strain gauges. The product name "GSV" is derived from the bridge supply with DC voltage;

The multichannel measuring amplifiers GSV-4, GSV-6 and GSV-8 can be configured for different input variables. In addition to the input for strain gauge quarter bridges, strain gage half bridges and strain gauge full bridges, they also have voltage inputs, PT1000 temperature sensor or thermocouple inputs, as well as digital inputs.


Fast digital signal transmission is possible via the numerous integrated interfaces:

USB, CANbus, RS232, Ethercat, Bluetooth ...

Measurement data configuration, recording and evaluation is done in the free software "GSVmulti" or directly on the display of the amplifier.

GSVs are available in 16- and 24-bit technology with up to 16 channels.


We have a wide range of analog strain gauges. Key criteria are:

  • Number of channels (1 to 16)
  • Housing type (aluminum IP67, DIN rails, only printed circuit board, terminal box ..)
  • Output signal (current, voltage)
  • Cutoff frequency (20Hz - 10kHz) ...

Network / LAN interface

In addition to the USB interface, beside the CANbus and EtherCat also an extension with LAN interface is available for the measuring amplifier GSV-8.


For wireless data communication, measuring devices with Bluetooth, LTE and WLAN interfaces are available.

GSV with Bluetooth: GSV-4BT (4-channel), GSV-6BT (6-channel)

GSV with data logger function
via SD-Card: GSV-2 MSD-DI, GSV-6BT



Synchronous data acquisition for 2, 4, 8 and multiples of 8 channels via EtherCat, CANopen, USB with synchronization via cable.

In the free multi-functional software "GSVmulti" up to 256 and more channels can be detected simultaneously.
The measured data with the settings can be saved.


We support your own developments: programming interfaces and examples for programming your own applications with GSV amplifiers.


Triggering via digital inputs with 1-channel, 4-channel, 8-channel measuring amplifiers as well as triggering by software GSVmulti or daq2keyboard amplitude-dependent and edge-triggered.