With the Windows DLL MEGSV86w32.dll and MEGSV86x64.dll, programs can be created for GSV-6 and GSV-8 measurement amplifiers.
The package also includes Labview VIs for GSV-6 and GSV-8 measurement amplifiers.
C ++ header file for MEGSV86w32.DLL (Windows 32-bit) and MEGSV86x64.DLL (Windows 64-bit)




Labview Examples, Windows DLL for GSV-8 and GSV-6, Version 1.35:

GSV86CAN.dll, v.1.10

GSV86CAN.dll  (Win32-Bit)
GSV86CAN.h    Kommentierter C-Header hierzu.
GSV86CAN.lib Nur zum statischen Binden in C/C++ Projekte benötigt
PCANBasic.dll API des PCAN USB CAN Adapter des Herstellers Peak Systems


EDS File for GSV-8 with Canbus:

Ethercat ESI Files

The archive '' contains ESI files for the current firmware version 1.43 of the GSV-8 and for earlier firmware versions from 1.38 as well as the results of the EtherCat Conformance test.