Setting the data format

Via the menu bar, you can get from "Device" -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Value Mode" to the setting of the data format and the transmission behavior.

The default data format of the GSV-8 is "Float".

By selecting 24 bits, a data frequency can be set of up to 24000 Hz.

By selecting 16Bit you can set a maximum data frequency of 48000Hz.

After switching on the GSV-8, it continuously transmits measured values ​​with the set data frequency. (Values ​​transmitted permanently)

By selecting "Values ​​NOT transmitted permanently (" Logger ") the GSV-8 sends individual measured values ​​only on request (for example by the command" Getvalue ", or by hardware trigger.


The ASCII format and the "Logger" mode can be set in particular for the GSV-2 and GSV-3 series amplifiers.