The software DAQ2keyboard is the Swiss knife of data acquisition. It sends measured values ​​from the GSV-2, GSV-3 (in the future also GSV-8) directly into your application, e.g. in

  • Excel
  • Openoffice CALC
  • HTML Web form
  • Editor
  • Database

  • ...


Similar to a barcode scanner, the DAQ2keyboard software directs the measured data as if you typed it on the keyboard. This allows the data to be easily imported into your Excel form, without a macro or VBA script, or in your Openoffice table, or in your web form, without Javascript.

At the end of the keyboard entry a tab or ENTER can be added. This allows you to decide whether the measurement data should be read column by column (horizontal) or line-by-line (vertical).



DAQ2keyboard can receive the measurement data from up to three devices and redirect it into your application as a keyboard output. DAQ2keyboard accepts synchronization: it also requests the measured values.


For example, you decide when the measured value (or the measured value pair) is to be recorded by pressing the button. For example, by typing "CTRL R".


However, DAQ2keyboard can also decide for itself when the measured value is to be recorded. You can define a "threshold" and an "edge".  If the threshold value is exceeded with a rising edge, or if the threshold value is fallen below the falling edge, then a measured value (from all devices) is called up.


Instead of the threshold, you can also enter a "Delta". The measured value is then called up again and again if a next delta has been reached.

With a delta and a rising edge, a 5-point or 10 point calibration can be carried out simply by providing the reference sensor with a "delta" and a rising "edge" for the triggering. if a down-row is to be additionally recorded, then the edge is set to "falling" (with CTRL i) at 100% of the calibration load: the down-row is recorded.


Version from 29.09.2017
Complete setup:
For the installation please unpack the archive and execute the setup.exe contained in it.