Your privacy is important to us

We register neither your email address nor your domain name if you do not explicitly provide us with this information, for example, for an entry in our mailing list.

We generally do not disclose information about you to third parties. This concerns in particular your personal information such as name, address, e-mail address (es), etc.

We do not sell or give any data to third address or mailing lists.

Your personal information, that we receive in the context of an order will be only used to fulfill your order and in the context of an orderly commercial accounting.

By sending regular e-mails to us, you are not automatically a member of our mailing list.

We use cookies in our online shop. These do not contain personal data and serve only the organization of the shopping basket and the prevention of recurring entries in forms. Some information is stored by our provider in a log file, for example, which pages are visited and how often, which home pages help most visitors find us, from which search engine most visitors come etc. In general, this information is dynamically determined and is not stored personalized.