The strain sensors are mounted on the web of the I-beam (types HEA, HEB or similar).
The series DA54-mag is characterized by especially simple installation: no threaded holes are necessary for the connection of the sensor.

The sensor housing is mounted on the silo base with construction adhesive. Integrated magnetic clamps ensure the necessary support during the adhesive curing.
The strain is measured via integrated strain gauges.

An optimum temperature compensation is reached with the use of "longitudinal" and "transverse grids".

The accuracy is comparable to "traditional" bonded strain gauges.

A measure of the achievable accuracy is the increase of the strain depending on the filling.
The greater the strain is due to load change, the higher the achievable accuracy is.

A change in strain should be pursued of at least 30 µm/m  in order to reach the largest possible signal compared to the temperature-related strain (typically 12 µm/m/°C for steel).

Rapid load changes can be dissolved with about 0.1 µm/m ... 1 µm/m (depending on the applied measuring electronics).