Measurements on rotating parts, under water

The GSV-6BT product can be used to measure rotating parts or to record data under water. This is shown in the example of a mixer that is equipped with strain gage rosettes for stress analysis. In addition, the torque and the angle of rotation are recorded with the GSV-6BT on the drive shaft. Several GSV-6BT measuring amplifiers can be synchronized to the nearest millisecond if a wire connection is possible at least between the measuring amplifiers. Synchronization with a GSV-8 measuring amplifier is also possible via digital inputs / outputs.

The laboratory measuring amplifier GSV-8DS is available in a version with SUB-D44 sockets. In particular, DMS rosettes or 3D force sensors can be connected there. A SubD44HD socket for 6D sensors (force and torque sensors) is also available.