Measure axial force on the steel girders

To measure the axial force, single grids, but T-rosettes or even strain gauges with 4 grids in a full bridge circuit can be used.

These strain gauges are often supplied with 5 connections as an "open full bridge". The open full bridge can be used to perform a zero adjustment and / or a drift adjustment. Alternatively, the open full bridge also offers the option of using only 2 grids in the manner of a T-rosette, or using an additional 45 ° measuring grid as a rosette for the stress analysis.

Strain gauges with connecting ribbons are a proven solution for quick and safe installation on site.

  • Using the DA115mag housing provides very good protection against moisture. Applications on protection of the strain gauge against mechanical damage
  • Strain relief for the connection cable
  • Installation protection against moisture

An overhead installation is easily possible thanks to the integrated holding magnets. The housing is fastened with the help of silicone. There is no need to drill on site, and moisture protection is provided at the same time.

The distance between the housing of approx. 1mm, which is defined by the protrusion of the magnets, ensures that the housing is installed with little reaction

More information about the DA115-mag housing

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