Stress analysis-1

Examples of the use of strain gage rosettes in an application with 2m water depth and running time of 1 year in experimental stress analysis.

Stress analysis-2

Installation of strain gages for vehicles, rail vehicles, for medical technology, for the plant and equipment construction ...

Stress analysis-3

Use of strain gauges for stress analysis at the PCB assembly.

Stress analysis-4

Measuring the actual strain on highly loaded components of an aircraft.

Stress analysis-5

Measurement with strain gauge rosettes on machines and production equipment for determining the mechanical load.

Stress analysis-6

Monitoring of buildings, bridges and steel structures.

Stress analysis-7

Use of strain gauges in the development of sensors and new products

Stress analysis-8

Preparing the surface and bonding on the example of an installation of strain gauges on a HEB I-beam (silo base).

Stress analysis-9

Installation of strain gauges on concrete pillar and temporary supports made of steel S335.

Stress analysis-10

Installation of strain gages in sewage system

Stress analysis-11

Installation of strain gages on Maestland weir in Rotterdam

Stress analysis-13

Measurement of the strain on the spar of a plane of the JU-52 in Dübendorf (Switzerland)

Stress analysis-14

Measurement of the axial force on a square profile with strain gauge full bridges and a DA115mag housing.

Stress analysis-15

Measurements on rotating shafts with GSV-6BT, also under water.