KM26z ergometer

The force sensor KM26z is used in rowing ergometer for measuring the tensile force.

KD115u contact force

The force sensor KD115u is used for the calibration of the equipment for resistance spot-welding.

KD40s trumpet

Application of the sensor KD40s for the measurement of the force on the mouthpiece of a trumpet.

contact force

The measurement of the contact force places high demands on the construction. The construction space is limited for the force sensor by the contact surfaces.

KM30z cable force

Measuring the cable force at a measuring cable car. Force sensor KM30z with datalogger GSV 2MSD-DI. Application report university f. Forestry, Rottenburg.

KD40s measuring pile

Measurement of the shaft load in an experimental shaft channel. Application report Technical University of Braunschweig.

K3D120 cutting force

With the sensor K3D120 the components of the force vector are measured during the cutting process.

K3D120 reaction force

With the sensor K3D120 the wind loads are measured which act on the frame of the solar panel.

K3D60 switching force

With the sensor K3D60 the operating forces of switches, buttons and automobile fittings are measured.

KxD013 ski sensor

With the 3-axis sensor KxD013 the forces are measured in 3 axes by skiing.

K6D Teach-In

The force/torque sensor K6D40 is used to tech-in robots in medical technology.