The measurement electronics GSV-15HSW together with the acceleration sensor AS28 is ideal for monitoring vibrations on buildings .

Depending on the version, the measuring electronics GSV-15HSW is suitable for displaying

  • acceleration with GSV-15HSW AS
  • vibration velocity with GSV-15HSW AS/VS
  • vibration path with GSV-15HSW AS/DS
  • acceleration peak value with GSV-15HSW AS/PK1

An alarm function can be easily realized with two threshold values.

Also there is a maximum value memory available, which is reset via the reset input or automatically every 31 seconds.
It makes possible to perform online monitoring in conjunction with the device GSV-4GPRS.

Vibration controller with peak value memory

With the integrated peak value memory the function of the GSV-15HSW AS / PK1 can be easily combined with a datalogger: the peak value between negative and positive half-wave of a vibration is emitted for 31 s at the analog output.

Thereby, the data logger or the PLC has enough time to retrieve the peak value.
The peak value is reset after 31s or by operating the zeroing input.

Accelerations in the order of 200 µm/s2 can be reliably detected.