Construction of the new office and production building

Since January 2018 ME-measurement systems working towards the establishment of a new building. By planning with regard to production, the employees, the shareholders and the customers were taken into account:

So the new building will continue to be based in Hennigsdorf. The areas for production and logistics were expanded to 2000m². The arrangement of machines and workstations optimized for productivity: the processes and ways of production and the arrangement of machines and workstations were optimally aligned.


  • Land area: approx 7000 m²
    Located in Hennigsdorf: google maps
  • Exterior dimensions production: 36m in width and 54m in length
  • Exterior dimensions office: 36m wide x 22m length;

Surfaces (GFA)

  • Production building - about 1,937 m²,
    • of which approximately 573 m² warehouse;
  • Office building - about 1,540 m², 
    • of which meeting and exhibition space, employee Cafe 600m²
    • of which laboratories and facilities for R & D approx 180m²
  • Number of parking spaces about 47;
  •  Number of bicycle storage space about 32;
  •  Extension area about 800 m²; 


On one side the production hall, the testing laboratories and quality assurance with the electrical and hydraulic testing machines for force and torque is arranged.

On the other hand, the machines for manufacturing the sensors, such as surface treatment by laser, ultrasonic cleaning, gluing, under clean-room conditions, potting, etc. arranged.

In the production center working places for wiring, testing, assembly, installation, etc. are provided.

The ground floor has a variable be split conference- and meeting rooms with about 120 square meters area.

A large foyer followed by a "cafeteria" area provides space for changing exhibitions and events, together with the complete opening portion of the conference rooms.

The foyer is open with a gallery. The roof above the gallery is continuously covered with glass.

On the first floor are offices and laboratories for the development of electronics and sensors.


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